Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I might as well get this one out of the way.

Despite stressing about the journey and the arrangements, the train journey down went smoothly and I arrived at Wembley in good time to take in the pre-match atmosphere.

There was plenty at stake in this League One play-off final, but specifically the victors would be promoted to the Championship, the second tier of English football. sadly, for Bradford City, it wasn't to be their year. They dominated much of the match, but as with many matches this season, failed to convert that into a goal. It was looking like extra time, with both teams visibly tiring, but Millwall nicked a winner with a few minutes to go. I left the stadium on the final whistle, so missed the distateful scenes that followed.

I got back into central London quickly and easily enough, and after dropping my stuff at my accommodation I decided to get lost in the city: wandering from King's Cross down through theatre land to the river,  a loop over Hungerford Bridge and along the South Bank under the Eye before returning over Westminster Bridge and then back through Covent Garden. Not that I really knew where I was going most of the time.

According to this journal it's been four years since I've been in London, it was nice to see some of the sights again. Of which there are a couple in extras.  I used to come down three or four times a year for work but I scaled things back after my illness. I kind of miss it though.

For City, it's another season in League One, and we will see if they push on or fall back into the pack. There's no reason why they shouldn't at least maintain this season's quality, but if football were that easy it wouldn't be the unpredicatable game that it is. Still, the kids and I renewed our season tickets months back, so we'll be there to witness it, step by step.

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