Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Isle of May

T and I did another trip to the Isle of May, our third. This time there were hardly any puffins to be seen: apparently how many you see varies a lot from day to day but every six to seven days there is an abundance of puffins settling colonial matters (if you believe what you're told, that is). Well, it wasn't that day, clearly. However, we saw other birds instead - these shags, for example, also lots of eider ducks and drakes (there is a very handsome drake in the extra photos). We hadn't seen drakes on land before. In the extras there is a razorbill whose eye you can actually see - usually they look like Darth Vader to me. And we stopped off at the Bass Rock on our way back, home to the world's largest northern gannet colony. Gannets are a success story in the otherwise generally gloomy picture of sea birds. We made time for an ice cream at Alandra's Gelateria before heading for home which was a great way to finish a splendid day.

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