Buying the Ed Sheeran tickets

Tickets for Ed Sheeran's tour of NZ in March 2018 went on sale online today, and Immy was waiting, with her finger poised over the computer, during the electronic countdown to 2pm. She was straight on there, but it was not an easy task. It seems to be the luck of the draw – sometime after 4pm, she succeeded in getting two tickets for the Dunedin concert, but not really in the part of the stadium that she wanted. A friend who hadn't even jumped straight in at 2pm got better tickets, before she did. But at least she secured them…. There will be some disappointed people this evening. Whatever happened to good, old fashioned queuing up outside the ticket outlets?!  The photo in extras shows her face when she saw the prices!
I had to leave her to it and go and pick up Gran, as I'd said I'd take her to a doctor's appointment. Gran told me the news about the awful blast in Manchester, and my mind raced to Immy, sitting at home trying to find tickets to the concert. Those poor, poor families - I cannot even begin to imagine the sick mind that orchestrated such a frightful attack on children and young people, enjoying a music event. Utterly despicable and senseless.

Gran was prescribed four different medications for the same complaint, which we duly went and collected, but not before meeting Jonathan for a quick coffee at Café Affair (now Bacco – can't get used to that name!) as he had some papers that Gran needed to sign.  After that, we had to take Naani for a run somewhere, but it was half an hour before sunset, so we hadn't much time. We went to the Botanical Reserve, at the foot of the Centre of NZ in town, where there seemed to be a huge dog party going on.  Naani had a whale of a time tearing around like a mad thing, and then Gran asked me to take a photo of the dog.

I persuaded her to sit (rather briefly!) in some autumn leaves – she really wasn't very impressed!  Then she took off again, and not long afterwards began chasing a very small, white fluffy dog, which yapped. Naani only wanted to play, but I could see that the owner was not happy, so we called her back… to my dismay, I recognised one of the women in the chatting group of dog walkers as someone who had been in the doctor's surgery, waiting to pay for her visit, as Gran got in a muddle with her PIN number – I'd caught sight of her rolling her eyes, and had given her a steely glare!

Once we got back to the car, I made the horrifying discovery that my car key was no longer in my pocket. There was nothing for it but to park Gran on a bench and to retrace our steps at a brisk jog in the twilight (luckily we hadn't actually covered much ground); I had a feeling that it might have fallen out when I'd bent down to take the photo of Naani. A quick prayer to St Anthony (Catholic habits die hard!) and there it was, lying in the golden leaves.  My late maternal grandmother used to say he never failed her!

After dropping Gran home, it was time to get ready for Book Club. An enjoyable evening was had by a slightly smaller group of us than usual, at the Anchor Bar & Grill in the marina, just for a change. Afterwards, I called Gran to check that she hadn't yet gone to bed, and popped in with a chart I'd done on the computer to help her keep track of the various meds she has to take. Two sets of creams, twice a day but not at the same time, sounds really rather confusing…..

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