A blue/purple day

I was still up last night when it became clear that it wasn't an incident/accident, that there had been an actual explosion and fatalities and many wounded in the Manchester Arena. I'm filled with sadness for the victims and their loved ones and so angry about the murdering lout who wanted to cause death and destruction. How anyone actually can believe that this would please their god is totally beyond me.Targeting anyone is bad enough, but targeting the young is especially callous.

I saw an image of a frightened and bewildered girl with festive bows in her hair, the bracts of the lavender plant on the terrace table reminded me of those bows.

For Tiny Tuesday with thanks to JDO

And then came still more sad news that Roger Moore has died, I'm old enough to remember Ivanhoe :-(  What a sad, sad day !

Thank you very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's happy moment ...

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