Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Gem mining

When my boys were young we would go to North Carolina for a vacation sometimes instead of the beach. Along one road were several locations where we could "MINE" for rubies, gold and other assorted gemstones. So we paid our $5 each for a bag of dirt which was dug out of the hillside then proceeded to the covered shed where a water sluice ran. There were fine mesh screen pans that we put small amounts of our dirt to wash it off to see what treasures we might have. Amethyst, citrine, crystals and one very nice garnet where our finds but we kept all the little pieces every time we went. I have a large candy jar full of the pieces sitting on a was dusting day so the tiny chips of gems became my tiny Tuesday blip.

My heart is full of memories of the fun we had as a family on vacation.

But my heart also hurts for the families in Manchester.

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