When I see my beautiful grand-daughter, I think of all the people in Manchester who have lost their beautiful children.

Saddened and shocked by the news from the UK, so many lives destroyed.

Had Isabella for a long day, so I had to get her to sleep somehow.  So off we went for a walk of nearly an hour.  But she did go to sleep and slept for nearly 2 hours,

After lunch, we played in the garden, and it was so warm, Isabella ended up with no clothes on.  Mainly because she was playing with the bubble wand, and getting covered in the sticky mixture.

She wanted to play in the pool, but I said no as it wasn't warm enough for that.

We had a lovely day, with lots of drawing, I had to keep drawing her face, as that's what she wanted.

(Think there might be something wrong with my camera, as I know I took more photos than I can find on my SD card.)

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