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Caen Hill (Sunday 21st May 2017)

It looks as if the swans' patience at Caen Hill has finally paid off. I'd heard a rumour and went over there to check it out. I first found the yearling cygnets at the Caen Hill Moorings, the swan world equivalent of the offspring of the Sharks and the Jets, as their parents were territorial rivals. If they stay together, they may breed in 3-4 years.

When I reached Monument Lock I found the nest unguarded but with four eggs in it. Things looked bad, but then in the side pond behind the lock I was delighted to find proud parents with three young cygnets swimming and grazing close to a pair of tufted ducks. A while later the female swan returned to the nest (see Extra) but only briefly as soon the rest of the family came on land and were led to the next lock.

I sat around reading and an hour or two later they had travelled up to the Caen Hill Moorings without tending to the remaining eggs, so I imagine they know that these will not hatch. Fingers crossed for these three from their third clutch of the year (fifteen earlier eggs having been stolen).

I have got slightly behind, not having been at home for the last few days, but am trying to catch up.

24.5.2017 (2055 hr)

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A Visit To Caen Hill, 21 May 2017 (Flickr album of 36 images)

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