Damsel on daisy

It has been a glorious day. We were up before the birds and have been on the go ever since. We went over to the reservoir and lots of butterflies had been tempted to come out. I was delighted to see blue and red damsels. We may go back tomorrow. Daisies were obviously the must have accessory for the day. I always lose my mobile signal up there - another reason I would not venture there alone. On the way back to town a text popped in. The boy thinks I have nothing better to do. Tomorrow is "cake day" at school and could I please make a huge chocolate cake - (so he can take it in and pretend he made it )? I should learn to say No but I can't. A massive cake was made, delivered to his house on the way to pick up Maddie from Nursery and then off to trampoline. When we got back to their house he was in the kitchen drooling over the cake! I am about to soak in the bath and have a glass of something chilled. I am wrecked.

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