Today we did something we've never done before - we took the passenger ferry across the Dart to Kingswear and enjoyed a return-trip to Paignton on the steam train. Loved all the nostalgic chuff-chuff-chuffing noises and the poop-poops of the whistle. And the smuts in my eye as I stuck my head out the window - which is what I had to do to take this photo from aboard the train! The sky ahead, which has been a cloudless, deep blue all day, had been turned white by the steam billowing from the engine at the front of the train (Braveheart, number 75014).

Took a ridiculous number of photos, but chose this one for the reflections in the side of the train (which do show a slightly muted version of the blue sky), plus the leading line of the track curving into the picture that I thought made an attractive composition.

My extras include a view from the train with Torquay (beyond Paignton) on the horizon, gulls beneath the pier that I took in Paignton (again with Torquay beyond), and a picture of Braveheart, the little engine that did all the work.

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