My Year in Pictures

By jenny

In the pink

A completely lovely day.

Usual morning exercise routine.
A few bits and pieces of work.
My first yoga class in over 10 years. 90 minutes no less! - I think my hips may feel that tomorrow!
A fabulous "leaving do"* brunch at Daylesford** for a good friend who is moving to St Ives late summer.
A quick shop at Tescos.
Quite a bit more work.
Lovely dog walk.
Cider in the garden making the most of the evening sunshine.
And relax.

This weather really is amazing!

* The second of I don't know how many leaving do's! Quite nice having so many though!
** OMG their new extension is quite incredible - the flower shop is beautiful! - I just had to get the phone out - though decided to "make do" with tulips from Tesco!!!

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