By RobinBanneville

The Laundry May Bug

I had a bit of a mixed response this afternoon when I went around the laundry introducing my new friend Brian to all the staff ... 
Some of the laundry girls were just curious ... and some began screaming and started running in the opposite direction ... But one brave lass (who was convinced that Brian wasn't real) came right up close and was about to tickle him under the chin, when he started to crawl over the back of my hand ... (luckily one of the staff medical officers saw what happened next and was able to administer CPR - I think she's okay now) ... :o|
I decided that keeping Brian as a laundry mascot wasn't such a good idea, and quietly let him go on his way, in the safety of some bushes behind the building ... (to be honest, I think he liked me, as he didn't want to let go) ... :o)

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