Breast Way Round

Today was a beautiful day the sun warm on the body and the sort of day it makes you thankful to be alive.

It is also the weekend when annually my friend Les and some of his bike riding friends make the Breast Way Round run.  Maybe it is an excuse to get on their bikes and ride through the stunning scenery heading north through Argyll  and on into the Highlands and Glencoe and all points beyond.  There is however a serious side to this run and that is to make a tit of themselves to raise money for Macmillan Nurses.

It is not a great photo but you can see the intrepid lads and lassies in their decorated pink and daffodil festooned bras and bikes and trikes similarly decorated.  I went down to Gourock to await their arrival at the Dunoon ferry and enjoyed sitting in the sun chatting with my friend's wife as we awaited the arrival.  Late as usual we heard the rumble of the bikes coming along the coast road and we could glimpse them as they snaked along the riverside towards us.

A fabulous site, a chat with my friend and a laugh and a joke with the runners and riders before they boarded their ferry and set off on their adventure, Donna suggested that Les should take me next year and maybe just maybe I will try and swing a pillion seat for the trip...

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