Q1 Building.

Isabella showing Mikey the view.

I was at the shops when Alexandra phoned and asked if I'd like to go to the Q1 building in Surfer's Paradise.  Always up for an outing I of course, said yes.

It was a beautiful day, so we had some fantastic views.

The Q1 is the tallest building in Australia, at the moment.  We went up to the Observation Deck, on floor 77.  It took 43 seconds in the lift.

Isabella loved it, she went to every window, and showed Mikey every view.

After coffee and cake.  We walked back to the car, having a look at the beach front as we went.  Weather is still warm enough to not need a jacket.

Isabella was asleep before they dropped me back home.

In the extra, I've put a view looking to the south.

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