Learning To Fly.

I only had time or the inclination to document our bird babies today. They are growing so fast and I think they will fledge soon now that the wings have developed.
Two years ago Hubby's brother, aged 54, had a severe heart attack and was resuscitated. He was left with brain damage that affected his memory and cognitive skills as well as some physical deficit. He lived in his own world, sometimes recognising us, but would have some lucid moments when he was aware how debilitated he was. He seemed to be deteriorating mentally and physically over the last couple of weeks then we had a call at midnight from the care home to say Hubby's brother was poorly and was being sent to hospital. The doctor rang at 6 am to say he was in heart and kidney failure and there wasn't much they could do for him. At 8 am we were about to leave for the hospital when the call came that he had already passed away.
We went to the hospital and said our goodbyes to him. Hubby is devastated but knows he has flown off to a better place.

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