Cuyahoga National Park

A bike ride through Cuyahoga National Park today, following the historic tow-path trail along the canal that follows the river. Lots of history, the canal providing a major method of transport before the train line took over. Nowadays the area is a great asset for conservation and recreation near the city.

Lots of wildlife too, the highlight being the viewing of a bald eagle nest with 2 young almost ready to fly. A park ranger had set up a viewing telescope on the side of the path and passers-by were invited to have a look. We would never have even been aware of the nest otherwise, it was tiny speck a great distance away on the other side of the river (powerful scope). The nest on this site has been there since 2006 apparently. A thrill to see, and interesting chat with the ranger. Other highlights include all the birds we saw, and the lilly covered swamp/pond that used to be a car dumping ground!

After 36km it was getting a bit late to cycle back (did we take too long just enjoying the environment instead of cycling - not a bad thing), so we took the train back, a nice alternative.

Finished the day with a superb Thai meal - at one of those local Tremont corner establishments.

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