Gloucester Tall Ships Festival

We left home just before 8.45 to catch our coach for Gloucester.  We were  a bit early but it turned out the coach was early as well.  It was a bit of a tortuous journey it took 2 hours to do about 19 miles  with all the pick ups.  It was busy when we got to Gloucester.  We had day entries included and we decided not to upgrade to go on the ships (my knee wouldn't have coped and they were busy and it was shuffle along).  We had gone with out friends Elaine and Brian.  There was a lot to see and  lots going on.  and crowds everywhere
About 1ish we got peckish and it was difficult to find somewhere to sit but we did find a lovely place by the canel and had  fantastic burger and chips.
A bit more wandering around and we decided we would head out of the festival area and get a coffee before catching the coach home.

A good day and the weather was kind to us.

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