Water sculpture

MrM was teaching mandolin until late morning, so Tom and I caught the bus to Alnwick. After indulging in ice creams and pottering around for a while, we made our way to the Alnwick Gardens, where we spent several happy hours wandering around. The water sculptures were fun (and educational), and popular with young children who were taking the opportunity to cool off under jets of cold water!

All sorts of interesting features, and lots of fabulous plants in bloom (extras show three of my favourites).  We were just a little too late for the cherry blossom and tulips this time, but never mind - I intend to return occasionally at different times of year, and suspect that Tom will be back too.

In need of refreshment, we had just reached the cafe when the heavens opened - perfect timing! By the time we had finished our coffee and cake, the rain had all but stopped. We could have spent a lot longer in the gardens, and would like to have joined the Poison Garden tour, but decided that if we were to make use of our tickets to Alnwick Castle, we needed to move on.

The castle was also well worth a visit, and we just about had time to look round the State Rooms as well as walking round outside. Some lovely views of the surrounding countryside (extras), especially from the battlements. 

At the appointed hour we met MrM in Alnwick, and he drove us to the beach at Alnmouth where we enjoyed a sea view as we ate a splendid picnic. MrM had seen lightning flashing over the coast as he drove to meet us but, by some miracle, we escaped the storms and rain.

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