West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Are you lot still here?

I was up at 5.30am for a boat trip at 6am. It’s cool and, like the early evening, a good time to spot animals. We saw birds, far-away monkeys and a crocodile.

After breakfast we went on a jungle walk. The group was big – 11 plus guide – and 3 young Italian guys talked loudly the whole time. Any nearby mammals or birds disappeared before we could see them. We only saw insects. It was very muddy. The lodge hired out wellies and we definitely needed them – the mud was shin deep in places. I was happy not to fall over as several people did.

The afternoon boat trip was at the same time as yesterday. The highlight for me was seeing the Borneo Pygmy Elephants at closer range than before. There was a large herd at one side of the river. Initially a few were in the water but most were hidden in the forest. There was a lot of trumpeting going on. Elephants began to emerge from the forest and after waiting and watching, eventually we got to see the elephants crossing the river right in front of us.

For some reason (probably linked to high ISO and maximum zoom) when I try to edit the best of my elephant photos they go fuzzy, even when adjusting the exposure to brighten them up. So, because it’s a better photo, this macaque watching the tourists watching his troop is my blip for today and there are a couple of straight-from-the-camera elephant shots in the extras.

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