Wild Wednesday 61. Out For A Swim

The Swans that I blipped on the 12 April now have a family of five cygnets.   The parents are very protective of them watching every movement I made as I was moving round to get the best shot of their babies.  But who can blame them as they lost two of last years brood to a speeding driver.  The problem is that the pool is divided by a busy road so all the water birds at times cross over to the other pool, and some people have no patience at all.
One stupid man, this morning,. wanted the geese to come closer to his car so that his children could see.  He was parked in the lay by, but instead of taking his children across to the viewing platform he had the windows down in the car and was throwing bread out, but of course it was going no where near the water but landing on the road, so the birds were coming to pick it up..  Two rows of traffic were waiting for them to cross, but they just stayed in the road waiting for him to throw more bread.  We got out of the car, me to go and photograph the swans, while T was shooing the birds back to the pool..  As I got back to the car the man was just getting out with half a loaf, so I pointed out the signs telling you not to throw bread.  I explained that it was bad for them.  He apologised, said he did not know that and got back in his car, but I do despair sometimes.
Anyway rant over, back to blip.  The extra is a close up of three of the cygnets in all their fluffy loveliness..
Thank you Cailleach for hosting this fabulous challenge.

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