Dots Snaps!

By Dotsnaps

St Marys Church Lockington East Yorkshire

St Marys Church used to be a lot
smaller.It was built in 1140 by the
Normans.The actual existing parts
that the Normans built are the arched
door the string course and the arch
which used to go right up.The church
is made out of sandstone and brick.
The reason as to why it has brick as
well as stone is because stone wasn't
found near Lockington and also it was
very expensive.Some of the windows in
the church are Tudor,they are flat
topped and were built in the 16th
century.Also in the 16th century the
Tudors decided to extend the church.
The Gothic windows are in the south
wall at the east of the church,they
were built in 1350.At the west side of
the church there used to be a door.The
church used to have a flat roof but
now the east end of the church has a
pointed roof.

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