Thank you Mr DJ!

Dear Donald,

I'm writing to you due of your descision yesterday. I do understand that you are under major pressure due of your promises to U.S. citizens, however this planet is more than U.S.A. As my personal manifestation I personally started to ban any U.S.A manufactured and based products even made under license here in Europe. I realize that it's not much, but I already do know there are more people too doing the same.

For your information today here in Finland temperature was +4 C even it's June. A bit more north there was snowing heavily ! I do hate that kind of weather on this time of the year, due that our summer is only couple of months long and I like to enjoy the warmness at that time. I bet you wouldn't like that either. So I ask you to consider once more...

Yours Sincerely,

P.S. Let's make The Earth great again at first and America the second!

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