Happy Chappy

Another early start for me and Leo. We popped to the new Barbers Shop which opens at 07:15 which means early birds like us can get the chop without waiting in a queue! Leo only had his hair chopped on Tuesday but they had made such a rubbish job of it that we went somewhere else for a second try and it is much better now.

We popped to get Leo some new shin pads as his old ones have given up the ghost. And Ian and I also picked up a waterproof gazebo as we are out all day at a footie tournament tomorrow and it is meant to rain all day! Hopefully the gazebo will save us from trench foot.

It was presentation day at the footie club today and Leo was very pleased to get a special trophy - he won the Supporters' Player award. So, along with his player award that they all get, he now has 2 new trophies for his footie wall.

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