outdoor pre-school

We met up with Rose and went on our orienteering walk, began att 11 and ended over 5 hours later. This wasn't the plan really. Half way through the trip 2 members of the party decided they needed to bag more points and one of us walked home to Rose's house and took it easy.

I had a lovely time for the first 2 hours... I did some food shopping, talked to a good friend on the phone, checked out the latest horrors delivered on the country of my birth... Then I got a bit fed up.

But keeping things in perspective: what a marvellous foresty walk we had, the sunlight playing its games with the leaves, and not a soul in sight for most of the walk. Despite it being very close to lots of houses, and a Sunday, and a warm sunny one at that. There are some lovely places right on the doorstep.

This is the pre-school's outdoor area. They have built a little wind shelter, a couple of fireplaces, some movable benches (all curiously close to the ground), and the beginnings of a teepee. The whole thing is on a rocky rise, with smooth granite interspersed with soft mossy undergrowth. Imagine playing here! What sort of a person can you become? There was a note in the shelter saying that the pre-school used it regularly, about twice a week,and to please be careful as you use the place, and to bring your own wood to burn. I love my part of Sweden!

And then there is London, where my southern family live just next door on Coin Street - 2 of them were very close when the attack happened. Even my northern family had 3 members in London that weekend, some of them very close. And there are good friends, the children of good friends, ex-students who I know are visiting this weekend. 

And once again there are dead people, injured people and many many grieving friends and relations. Trying to understand what motivates people to carry out such attacks is exhausting and bewildering. They are also dead, what can motivate such a decision -to kill innocent people you do not know and to be killed yourself in the process?

And there's an election to be had, with these two terrible attacks as the backdrop to some of the nastiest, most untrue and most misleading electioneering I've seen. But also a campaign that has become more just in the division of time between the parties, and where the one side has shone ever brighter and the other has lost large chunks of the already thin plot. 
Biased? Me? Nah!

Today was a very big day for some of the town's young people, they were confirmed in the cathedral, on Whitsunday - celebrating the day that wisdom of the Holy Spirit was poured down on the disciples. 

From Wikipedia, the source of much of today's "wisdom" we can read: 

 In the North West of England, church and chapel parades called Whit Walks still take place at this time (sometimes on Whit Friday, the Friday after Whitsun).[6] Typically, the parades include brass bands and choirs; girls attending are dressed in white. 

Too right! I did plenty of that when I was little, great long walks all over the town, at least two brass bands as it was generally a long procession. The streets were lined with people several deep. I am pretty sure this is no longer celebrated in quite the same splendour.

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