Kipper Cabin

By KipperCabin

Garden clippings

Next door was sold last Fall. The first thing the new owners did was remove the filthy massive cedars along their north edge (my south). Ever since I've been clipping things back like a mad thing. There's a lot to be said for a bit of sunshine.

But deer oh deer. The deer! What won't they eat?! They'll eat the roses, even the extra thorny ones. Hostas are side salad. And almost everything else seems to be game.

They won't go near peonies, though. Or Calla. So that's all that's left. For the mo'.

My Fred put up a bit of deer fence today. "If they get over that we'll have them for dinner", said he. "Can't wait!", said I.

Peonies are whiffin something fierce. I've put them on my bedside table. Fingers crossed they're not full of ants.

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