A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 176 :: MM176 :: My Blip Name

I had wanted Big Al but that was taken so I needed a name quickly. Skeena is a train in Canada named after a river it follows whilst it travels between Jasper, Alberta and Prince Rupert in British Columbia. It is one of the worlds best kept secrets in train travel.

Our first trip on it was in 2004 between Jasper and Prince George. It takes a day to cover that section and we returned to Jasper the next day. In 2006, for our 25th anniversary, we travelled the full 2 day route to Prince Rupert. 

We prefer to travel on it out of the tourist season. It is still the community lifeline along much of the route. I remember on one trip a man running out of the woods and along the track after us. We reversed up to collect him. It would have been 2 days before the train past in the same direction again.

My journal is called 'A Meandering Life...' You might be forgiven to believe this is due to my love of travel, it isn't really. Since early childhood my life has taken many twists and turns which has no doubt effected me as a person. Each section of my life feel like a different lifetime, more than just chapters. Meandering might suggest a lack of a true path but I see it as flexibility in being able to change when you need to or if it is forced upon you.

That's enough for now. My journal has clues dotted about it of my past and current interest. It would be mean of me to subject it onto you all at once...

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