What a difference

Last week was blazing in Belgium, this week appears to be grotty in Gloucestershire!
I really caught the sun last week but it's now turning to rust. Not stopped raining at all today and it looks set to continue until at least Wednesday afternoon.
Dogs went mad when I got back yesterday, running around, jumping up at me like demented things, Marlane was a little pleased to see me too! It is good to be home but such good memories and ready to do it all again next year but I want to plan other things for next year too.
My next adventure is the 500 mile sponsored ride on 24 June, thank goodness for my 'Airhawk Comfort Seat', it really was worth every penny of the £134.00 it cost me. The ride was 600 miles round trip and every day except saturday we went out on the bikes visiting places. No more numb bums and sore cocyxx for me I'm glad to say!

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