Little beauties.....

.....these tiny heuchera flowers are still coming forth even in the darkest days of autumn and the colder days of winter. When the sun is out the honey bees and bumble bees visit, sometimes there's squabbles over the flowers.

I am missing my macro lens, not sure what the outcome will the meantime another lensbaby shot with aperature f/2.8 and macro +4. Lensbaby can be a bit hit and miss with me, but thought this one is a little bit pretty.

I've caught up on May's backblips and pleased to see the end in sight and no more computer problems, phew!

So touched by your encouraging words yesterday and sprinkling of stars for Mono Monday's theme of Blip names, a theme I most certainly enjoyed.

Thanks to isbi for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month, today's theme being Flora.

Tuesday.......was mostly dull and cloudy, we did have some sun and I did see snow on the mountains but by the time I had done my house jobs the cloud had taken over. 

And it was 6 years today we had snow everywhere, wonder if we'll ever be lucky enough to see that again.....hope so :)

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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