Living Dangerously

Heavy rain overnight continuing into the morning. I opened the curtains on to the French windows at the end of the bedroom to spot the newly discovered newt crawling its way out of the trug - as you see here. While I watched him, he didn't take the plunge on to the concrete step below. Instead, I tipped him back into the water. I don't know whether he's still there.

Martin, who's leading the new pond building, rang early to say that he and Henry wouldn't be coming today, such was the weather. I told him about the newt. He said not to worry. If he escaped, he'd run off into the bushes, but I don't want him to do that. With luck he would return to the new pond. I did feel he was living dangerously, balancing on the edge of the trug.

Singing lesson at Judy's. More work on Puccini and a discussion about the general election on Thursday.

The steroid injection has kicked in. The pain has almost gone probably because the steroid had reduced the inflammation. I am walking infinitely better, without a stick.

Camera club barbecue tonight. Len will be driving me as he doesn't think he will have tennis this evening. Basil can poke around the farmyard at Jamie's. We'll probably sit in the barn as it's not too warm today, and there's still a threat of rain.

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