Storm Chaser

My second park in three days. Doug and I visited Kentucky Kingdom 10 years ago when it was owned by Six Flags. It only has five coasters now; we rode four (T3 is not worth riding again). It's across from the airport we were flying out of, and time was short, so we only got a few rides in before we had to leave.

Storm Chaser is my second RMC (the first was New Texas Giant). It's really good! The airtime is surprising. It's got a great layout too.

The real shocker was Lightning Run (in extras). It's a 100-foot coaster with an 80-degree drop. Every hill has ejector airtime. It blew me away. We got two rides on it. We also rode Roller Skater (kiddy coaster), Thunder Run, Fearfall (the drop tower), and I rode the flyers.

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