From a ninety year old, who carried water as well.

This area has many problems and the major one is water. Now that we have installed a pump in their village, they are very happy because they don't have to walk for miles all day every day. 
Thanks to W4Z for the pump and now they are using clean and safe water. Still they need our support.


District:  Rumphi
Area:  Bata
Village: Kamehe
Distance from factory:  107 km
Depth of well:  6.9 meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well:  300 meters
Number served:  107 Families
Preschool:  10 mins
Primary school: 30 mins
Secondary school:  1hr.


S: 10 55 39
E: 33  39 56


Billy Godwe: 0881526338


Ethna Coyne, Nano to all, Dublin and Roscommon, Ireland

Pump Number


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