You cannot, as they say, ever have too many pictures of the teeming rain. Here's my addition to the comprehensive set emerging from Edinburgh and quite a few other sodden places today. I bet, though, that there haven't been many which also consisted of reflections of the lovely trainspotting-esque housing schemes down on the New Kirkgate in Leith.

This was probably one of the drier parts of the day. I had to get a bus down to the Shore for my haircut, but there was no avoiding the soggy trek up to the Foot of the Walk to get a bus to work. Thereafter I was never really dry all day - my coat and bag have never completely dried out.

After some stuff at work, I trekked back to the environs of the Festival Theatre to meet Mr A, and after a quick supper we popped across to see La Boheme. Others have already commented on what a good production it was. But afterwards, it took so long to find a taxi my tiny feet were frozen (and wet, of course).

Tomorrow promises to be dry. Thank goodness.

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