The Dog Whisper

The parents went off to work, Ella & Harry went off to school - Ella is now at Intermediate so has to catch the train, I took Harry to school and he showed me his new classroom and different things that he is doing....I love being a Nana !!

Then Doug & I had to fill in some time while the weekly cleaner comes in so headed down to Oriental Bay and walked for almost two hours along the Bay and the into the city as well - that's where we saw this guy, he had fourteen very well behaved pooches of every shape and colour.  Ella tells me there are fifty-six legs, plus his makes fifty-eight all up.  
I've put the "getting organised" picture in extras along with the fabulous boat sheds that I love.

Love having time with the kids,  we have had such fun over the last two hours.....they are teaching me some iPhone tricks !!!  But can I retain it is the question.

I'm very chuffed and thrilled with my Blip Community "Smushy" story. Tanya is such a talented writer, and has made such a good job of my rather boring story - I love following her blips, and have met her several times, she writes an interesting journal....thanks so much lovely lady.


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