To Dad's as the stair lift is being removed, six months down the line after being fitted as he can no longer manage it and sleeps downstairs. There must be a cheaper way of getting the elderly upstairs, We got a tiny amount back on it but still a very  expensive bit of kit that was only used for about 3 months, (about £5000).  Anyway, that gave me the opportunity to steam clean the carpets and wash a few net curtains etc while I waited. The carpets came up better than expected.
Once the men had removed the stair kit, I steamed the stairs, then whizzed to hospital with clothes for Dad as they say he will come home tomorrow. When I got there he was back on the oxygen, apparently his levels still keep dropping. But he is happy that he may come home soon.
Back on the train and Harry and Selena met me and Tiffany at the station and then collected Joe to come round for dinner and then watch the new Fargo. A good evening.

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