No sleep

I'm really not good these days on no sleep. Well, it wasn't quite no sleep, and we did both go to bed around about 1am (I think). But devices were only put aside around 3am, and then picked up again about 4am, and then somebody yelled "hung parliament" some time after 6am, so that was that, and we were up again. I've been awake all day. I don't think Mr A has been, but I wouldn't know as I had my nose buried in a laptop finishing a little paper that I've been writing for a few days. That's done and dusted, but I can't put it on the interwebs as it's a surprise for its recipient.

We popped out for a little while to do some dull practical stuff (and obtain a really uninspiring blip), and then I carried on shovelling my emails and getting somewhere near the bottom, but not managing two tricky things that really do need sorting in the next couple of days. I must admit to having whiled a way a bit of time on social media, and reading about the extraordinary outcome from the election. I even managed to insert a reference in my paper, although it will be months before it sees the light of day.

I think both of us would like to go to bed right now (I fell asleep for 20 minutes straight after supper), but we can't as we are expecting a visitor who has been at a conference today, and is now at the conference dinner, and so will be along "later". Perhaps we can keep ourselves awake by making the spare bed up?

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