By Artyfartyannie

Back in the Kenyan Days

 A photo of a photo that our friends showed us. I thought it might be more of interest than the photos that I took today. I'll post in extra what I took today. This was taken in May 1975 when our daughter was 6 weeks or so and Douglas was 15 months or so. When trying to decipher this I thought that I was making a funny expression and since there was a cake around  I might have been showing Douglas to blow. Half the cake is eaten so I expect it was either the birthday of Anne or Joe. I think I made the cake as its a simple affair and I wouldn't have known much about baking in those days. I will get back with my detective work to my friends and I we will see what is what.

Today, after the election, the household was very tired. I got up early and showered and got packed. Bill insisted on making his good coffee so we had that while watching the election stuff. Mr AF was in his element and the 3 of them had a great chat about the goings on. I am only interested in the basics. My sister seems to be right into politics and was in full glee about various people loosing their seat, especially the SNP which I do accord with.

We visited other Granny who lives in the same place, for a short while before she had an appointment and Then I bought my sister's birthday present in a good shop in Broughty Ferry....................

Back now although we had to get through 2 traffic jams

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