The Birthday Boy

The title says it all, and here he is doing his scratchies - sadly no dosh for us, bugga!!  Obligatory socks, chocolates and plonk were delivered and received.  

We all went our separate ways this morning - soccer and netball, good results at the soccer, but the netball wasn't quite so memorable.  Home for lunch then Ella off to dance.....she is in a crew that is in a Pump competition in two weeks, so having lots of practices.  I was allowed in to watch the last 10 minutes.

Raining here in Wellie, and we are having Rob's Dad & sister for dinner too, Rob's sister has recently got engaged, so a celebrations dinner. Janelle is a marvelous and creative cook, the dinner will be scrumptious.

We have all just had a Facetime with our Townsville family, they had schooled up Lexi to say "happy birthday Dougi" and she delivered with a lovely and broad smile.  Happy times.

Our Crusaders against the Lions tonight - I must should have only one glass of wine or I'll fall asleep - NOT


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