A bright and sunny morning and we were all out early to the garden centre where I'd purchased my little shed.
I was told yesterday that they could only deliver on the 21st of June, not happy with this I arranged my own collection through my ex transport company.
They will collect and deliver to me on Monday.
The garden centre would not give me my delivery cost back in cash only giving a credit note to spend in the shop.
I was not pleased but I always need stuff so I used it to get 2 bags of mulch, 2 plants, a bottle or tomato ripe and MrsD wanted a new grooming brush for Molly.
On the way home we stopped at a builders yard as I wanted to get a couple of paving slabs to stand the shed on I bought 3 to be safe.
We tried to stop in town to get bread but gave up after 15 mins trying to park which was impossible due to market day and the main car park had a funfair on it.
So back home and emergency bread taken out of the freezer and MrsD tried out the brush on Molly.
I on the other hand offloaded the car, found homes for the 2 plants, spread mulch and took the slabs to the pond.
Then I went to look for today's blip which I decided would be simple and it's flowers on the Honeysuckle which climbs the side steps.
It's going to be hot this afternoon so I'll be indoors watching sport on TV.
I hope you have a nice day and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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