Old Things.

The felt tomato, on the right, is a tape measure, and used to belong to an aunt.  I can't remember if the cotton reel holder on the left was hers too.  The dust and cat fur is to make it all look more authentic.

Alexandra and Isabella came over for a little while today.  We had intended to go for a walk around the lake, but the weather got cold and windy.  We did venture out to the baby shop and then came home.

They went home, and I made mixed fried rice for dinner.

About 9pm, I get a call from Peter to say Alexandra was being really sick.
I dashed over there, by now it's pouring with rain.  She didn't look too bad, but we rang the maternity unit at the hospital, for advice, as she was getting back pains.  After talking to them we decided not to take her to hospital. 

She thinks she may have eaten too much food that was indigestible and that had made her sick.

Anyway, there were no more phone calls, so I went to bed.

We've had heavy rain all night, but it wasn't too cold.

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