Moored for the night

We're finally here and moored up for the night by the Dundas Aquaduct only a few miles from our departure point at Bradford upon Avon on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Not the best of journeys around the M25 as the M3 was closed for roadworks so traffic was diverted onto several different routes causing 20 miles of slow moving traffic on M25 and M4.

We arrived at 2.30, at the precise time we could pick up the boat. By 4.30 we were on our way having had a tour of the boat, unpacked and been through a lock under instruction.

Our first destination is Bath. We hope to arrive mid morning tomorrow and spend the rest of the day, the night and the following morning there before returning past Bradford and on to Devizes.

Got the hang pretty quickly. No locks between here and Bath, two fine aqueducts at Avoncliffe and Dundas. Always met a boat coming in the opposite direction at the narrowest part of the canal.

Certainly restful, especially when the engine is off. Good facilities too. Enjoyed glass of prosecco before dinner and a glass of red wine with the cheese before a bit of duetting on guitar and ukulele. We then retired to the narrow (4 foot wide) bed. It's long enough for me (at 6'4") I think we're going to enjoy this week.

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