An unusual wake up call.......

.......this morning!!

Yesterday evening we had the neighbours over for a drink on the deck. Mrs H was saying that Mr H had had a burn off that afternoon but that she wasn't really happy that it was successfully extinguished. Mr H was pretty casual about it and suggested it was fine. He was wrong..........At 4;30 am Mrs H's Air bnb people knocked on the door in a bit of a dither as there were flames!! outside their room! So a quick call to the Yallingup Fire Brigade was made. I heard noises but figured it was the other neighbours going off for an early fish. Nope. So, as the sun began to rise I peeked outside and saw flashing lights everywhere!! The munchkins were here for a sleepover, so of course we had to go and see what was happening didn't we.  Well, the Driver took them up, I joined them later, after 7:00am :)
The fire was stopped just short of our boundary - phew!
The area really needs rain. Everything is just so dry and we should not be burning off just yet. 
However, it was another perfect day in paradise. Lunch in the sunshine at a newish winery "just down the road" with our youngest, her hubby and the munchkins.

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