The second half of life..

By twigs

Ahhhh.......summer evenings..........

Had a lovely day today :)

Up earlyish and did a little exercise before having coffee sitting outside in the sun for a while. A friend who I've been meaning to call for weeks called me and we enjoyed a good natter and catch up. I really do need to make sure that when I think I should call someone I do it instead of justthinking about it.....

Spent some time pulling weeds from the garden which I always find incredibly therapeutic. The sun got to be a bit too warm though so I quit and headed for my book. I wasn't more than 5 minutes into it when the phone rang.....It was a friend calling all the way from the United Arab Emirates. Andy and I last spoke probably 2 years ago and before that, probably about 10 years ago! Amazing how easy the chat flowed even after all these years!

Visited a friend round the corner in the late afternoon and shared a new year wine before home and tea. I haven't walked for days so decided to head to the dog beach for an evening stroll.....a fabulous end to a lovely day :)

Anyway Andy, today's blip is for you - bet you don't have fishing like this in the UAE?! lol!!

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