By GracieG


I enjoyed some of these fresh apricots after my lunch today, and while eating them I was struck by their beautiful warm, blushed out came the camera.  They were delicious!

Some notes about the origins of apricots below:
Apricots originated on the Russian-Chinese border in about 3000 BC and were imported along with peach seed into Europe through the “Silk Road” that extended camel back trading to the Mideast. The fruit grows as an escaped naturalised plant along modern roadsides in Turkey and Armenia today in abundant numbers. Apricots were known in ancient Greece in 60 BC and later introduced into the Roman Empire. The apricot trees are believed to have arrived in the early American colonies in seed form for growing into fruit trees by the French explorers of the 1700’s in Gulf regions and in the Eastern United States and at California monasteries by Spanish explorers and missionaries.

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