Gosh! Is It Alive

Frank Benson - Juliana Huxtable

So, to Arken today and the Museum of Modern Art. This was an absolute delight. The permanent collection curated as a mish mash of style, medium, age and a general not giving a toss about how it appeared, save that it worked beautifully in a really delightful and fun way, which was also the intention. Top marks, then.

Onto the temporary exhibitions and the rather unnerving series of very realistic, life-like sculptures. There were giant babies and tiny men, levitating bodies and all other manner of things that seemed weird only because they weren't living breathing people.

This was a striking piece - the New York, transgender It Girl, Juliana Huxtable, created from 3D scans into some sort of crazy, sexy cyborg. Our identity is neither static nor a foregone conclusion. It makes the point there is no binary gay/straight, male/female in a rather magnificent fashion.

In these depressing times, this felt like a message of hope and power.

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