Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

My Best Friend

I have a group of best friends.  Well doesn't everyone.  Gail is one of them.  She is a vet and today I was taking some photos of her for the practice website.  She needed some props and so Hamish and Poppy stood in.  They don't know she is a vet - shhhhhh, don't tell them.   They are my best friends too as they should be.   There you go Isbi.  She hasn't changed a bit has she.  (That's what my mum said today).  Gail used to work for Mr Isbi.  Isn't it a small world.

I got home from Sydney about an hour and a half ago but am very very weary so might make it an early night.  Thanks for dropping by for Vivid updates.  I keep hoping I will manage to catch up with everyone but I am still struggling.  Night night.

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