Pond display !

Woke up at 8 this morning after going to bed at 9 last night, that's very early for me.
Apologies for not commenting yesterday but I felt like death warmed up. Thanks so much for your get well messages very much appreciated.
I felt much better this morning although strangly still a bit feverish.
So today I felt I had to be in the garden and fresh air so I stuck to shady areas and light work weeding and deadheading.
After 2 hours I was tired but felt good and suddenly realised I not taken a blip so I headed back to the pond where I'd spotted it earlier.
It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped I guess the light was not right but I still like it.
The shed is being delivered this afternoon so depending on what time we might start putting it together.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.

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