Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Best friends.

of the modern musician. Necessary when playing with others. I do have a tuning fork somewhere. An electronic tuner and a tuning wrench (or hammer, but that's another story). The dulcimer uses zither pins which are smaller than piano tuning pins. One of the first lessons for anyone using a stringed instrument is how to tune it. Trivia: why did George Formby have so many ukuleles? He only knew a few basic chords and if he needed to change key he used another ukulele tuned for that key using the chords he knew.

       The extra is a lesson in how to be best friends to nature. Young deer are helpless for the first few days of their life. Mother is close by but not close enough to attract predators. Young deer have no scent. So if you come across a fawn apparently abandoned leave it and don't touch it. All will be well. This is actually a young elk.

      Oh, and the photographers best friend is a good prime lens. I've discovered I get much better results with close-ups using a 50mm or 35mm rather than a zoom. Less glass.

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