Will we, won't we?

Needed a new windscreen wiper for our little car, you can only get them in the dealers where we bought the car. So we used this rainy day to drive up there and were given a new blade for our troubles - very nice!

We thought we'd have a look round the showroom and see what we felt about a new car as our proper car is getting close to the end of the 7 year warranty.It creates such peace of mind in people who live out in the sticks, and live in a harsh climate where a car has to be a tank.

We have only ever bought 2 entirely new cars (KIAs, they had excellent deals on them when the company was establishing themselves here). So we sort of thought that's what we'd do... The salesman suggested looking at some of the used cars, and there were several tasty items... This red Ceed will be ours when we trade in our own blood red Ceed. I mean, RED! Who could resist that brilliant colour? (tongue in cheek a bit, it's more efficient than the old one and has a more powerful engine etc etc etc)

The whole camper van idea is on hold for the moment, it's a pot of gold - and we aren't sure what we would like... we feel very drawn to tiny little vans of great simplicity but they aren't common here. We don't want a van that is flashier than our house (and costs as much!). But we really have to have a reliable car, especially if we are thinking of long road trips, possibly to warm places, in the spring. Which we are, all being well.

So, the house was cleaned from top to bottom, polished and scoured and everything this morning. And a new motor was bought this afternoon. Not bad for a dreary, rainy day!

Forgot my camera, but Keith lent me his phone. Forgot my phone as well. 

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