Tell me a story...

About my Open Studios project:
 Tell me a story….
and I will give you a merk, a note based on old Scottish coinage.

Here is a sample from my Open Studios project
Cornflakes and crime
Janet , a single woman in her late 50s, reasonably well off, living in Troon was eating her cornflakes and doing “catch-up” of Crimewatch on her Ipad when a man popped up on screen who was wanted by the police.

“I was out last night having a drink with him!”
She grabbed the phone and rang the police.

He was later arrested and charged. He was an Irish man who preyed on wealthy older women persuading them to part with money.
Writer Laura Fyffe gave the shortest: (see extra photo)
She lived
Shit happened
She died
The marriage of Scots girl to Crown Prince of Denmark
When John Fairgrieve walked into my studio and I asked him if he had a story to tell never for a moment did I suspect he would reveal that his fourth cousin, Mary, is the Crown Princess of Denmark.
“ In the mid 1960s John Donaldson, and his wife Etta, emigrated from Port Seton, East Lothian to Australia.
They settled in Hobart, Tasmania and had three daughters.
 Mary studied in Melbourne, and in 2000 met Fred who was with the Danish sailing team at the Sydney Olympics.
They fell in love but it was some time before he revealed he was a member of the Danish Royal family.
Today Mary, my fourth cousin once removed, is the  Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.”
It has been a very busy day, more like a non-stop party, and I am shattered.
Please excuse lack of comments.

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