Water-logged tracks

Wow, that uploaded quicker than I could type anything!

Typhoon Merbok thankfully passed over Hong Kong without too much damage. I think there was more disruption from the black rain three weeks ago!

Had to go into town first thing for my first physio appointment post surgery. And it was super wet, as red rainstorm warning had been issued following on from the T8 of the storm.

Got some cake supplies and other supplies while in town and felt quite heavyladen with wearing a raincoat and carrying a big umbrella. Glad to be home eventually.

The tram lines were completely covered in water, don't know if you can quite see in the pic.

Did have to go to the Plaza later though and stopped in on the Post Office and found that a whole new series of stamps were issued today. Stamps showing the various typhoon warnings! How incredibly timely. Having just had our first typhoon of the year! See extra.

So I did get some stamps and thankfully, because our letter had to go far, Australia actually, I got to use all of the new stamps! Yay! Yes these are the things that amuse me. Thrilled I was!

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