By ilkkavalkila

Swans and mallards grazing

It rained almost all day (which I spent repairing the silage pits), but I managed to get out with the camera when it wasn't raining. The swan family appeared on the pond probably on Saturday, but I had not seen the cygnets before.

Actually they were not the reason I grabbed my camera as I couldn't see them from the yard. Instead, my intention was to find a pheasant whose voice I heard a few times, and see why one swan was hanging around in a place where they haven't been usually. It was probably the father swan guarding his family which I saw when I got closer. I found the pheasant, too, but couldn't get a good shot of it. (This one isn't too great either though)

It started raining again soon afterwards and by 9:15 pm there was 35 mm, and it kept on raining...

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